A recent successful brand partnership for MARAI is Black Clover. Our second drop arrived this week and looks likely to sell out quickly. I became aware of these caps through seeing the likes of Tony Robbins wearing them. Being a fan of both Tony and the message the brand delivers [Live Lucky] there was a personal reason for wanting to bring Black Clover into MARAI. Added to the fact it’s also a commercial success, it’s a win win for us.

My thoughts initially when the caps came in is that customers would know the brand from seeing Tony Robbins wearing them, what has played out is that 50% of our consumers have indeed proved me right, whilst the others just like the shape and overall styling of them. I am happy to report that as customers try the caps on in our stores, no one has put it on backwards, a personal no for me as I have previously stated in prior blog posts.

Bringing new brands into our business, introducing them to our customers and seeing them do well is a rewarding part of my job. Especially brands that have little to no distribution, so for me, it’s what being an independent retailer is all about. Passion for product and creating a USP.

Live lucky everyone.

July 06, 2023 — Martin Webster

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