For some time at MARAI we have been discussing opportunities for how fashion independents can take back their rightful place in the retail market. We can only speak from our own experiences, our store is a destination, customer service is a priority and we engage with everyone coming through the door. This gives us the chance to not only sell our products, but to find out what other brands our customers are buying, where they’re shopping and how they’re enjoying the luxury of coming back into a physical store. They enjoy good honest service and are engaged with MARAI.

We feel now is the perfect time to introduce more partner brands into the business, that can work in parallel with MARAI. MARAI remains at the heart of the store and we will build brands around the brand that are able to compliment and give us a point of difference. The journey into turning the Stopgate Lane store has just begun, over the next few months as our buyers start visiting showrooms and trade shows the following list will grow.

Android Homme & Tramarossa were firm favourites from the ‘Designer Boutique’ days of Stopgate Lane and we hope that will continue to be the case as we reintroduce them into the business. We have a MARAI collaboration with Anchor & Crew on the horizon who are a premium bracelet and accessories brand, Italian belt brand Anderson, an outerwear brand from Amsterdam called Krakatau, Korean clothing brand Uniform Bridge and Canadian footwear brand Norda. Many conversations are ongoing, and building these relationship with suppliers is something we enjoy. Bringing a brand into our business that our customers may not be aware of, where we can put our energy and enthusiasm behind it, ultimately makes each brand work with MARAI and gives us a huge buzz that signifies what a good fashion independent is all about.

We are not new to the process of applying for brands, we understand the importance of adjacencies and brands may already be happy with their current distribution. This said, we are always surprised at how many emails we send out don’t get answered, so our hope going forward is that brands, agents & distributors see that small independents have their ear to the ground and are able to build relationships between brands and customers that is not possible in larger businesses. Customers are appreciating this level of service and times are changing.

If you own or work with any brand you feel would fit into our business, please feel free to email us at

August 23, 2023 — Lewis Wilson

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