Our Story

Established through a process of lifestyle, fabric and functionality study, MARAI is a tailored sportswear brand, that has been conceptualised and designed to adapt to a modern lifestyle, allowing the wearer to move from day to night. Offering a collection of technical, transitional and transeasonal pieces, MARAI is inspired by a love of timeless products. With many years of combined experience within the fashion industry, the team behind MARAI has a clear focus and understanding of the target customer’s needs, lifestyle and industry trends. The minimalist design in conjunction with sophisticated fabric choices aims to bring the upper echelon of fashion back to basics.

MARAI was born from necessity and was an answer to the lack of clean product within the menswear sector, that at the time, had little in terms to offer as an alternative to overtly branded pieces. With a history in buying, and experience in running a multi-brand store, over time it became apparent to us that to thrive, we had to do things ourselves and take our future into our own hands. We began designing our own collection with the customer base we had accumulated over the years at the forefront of our mind. Their changing purchasing habits as they migrated from luxury was the future we set out to take control of. MARAI aimed to be a brand you can live in.

Pronounced ‘MA-RAY’, MARAI is actually an accidental misspelling of ‘Mirai’ which is the Japanese word for ‘The Future’ -what we have created with this misspelling is a metaphor for us utilising the brand to make our own future.

Technical, Transitional, Transeasonal. Live in MARAI.