What's Happening In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry makes up 10% of the earths carbon emissions along with 85% of all textiles end up in land fill, not only that but with recycling’s slowdown, only rising by 1.8% since 2015, it is important our packaging reflects our values, that’s why we ensure our packaging can either be reused, recycled, or has come from a sustainable background.

Our Aims To Making MARAI Sustainable

Our 5% bag incentive

Customers who bring their MARAI shopping bag will receive 5% off their next purchase.

Our 2023 promise

Using sustainable and recycled fabrics within our current collection.


Creating an entire collection using sustainable fabrications.


The apparel MARAI provides is designed to be versatile and long-lasting, which helps to combat the current issue of throw away fashion. One of our leading brand values is quality; creating product to last a lifetime. Currently, we have replaced our packaging with either recycled plastic or biodegradable materials; this is a conscientious effort towards a greener future within MARAI.

As a future improvement for MARAI, we are looking to develop technical fabrics focusing on sustainability. We are exploring materials like nylons made from recycled plastic bottles and cotton yarns made from recycled cotton fibres. By doing so, is a small step to making MARAI more eco-conscientious.