Brand Values

From the beginning, Marai has set out to be a different type
of company. One that creates a culture of belonging, an active lifestyle where
everyone is welcome. We are a clothing brand which has developed a consistent
narrative between our community and our design process, operating in a
respectful and pure transparent space.

We make sure everything we do is through the lens of quality, pushing innovation and challenging the status quo, whilst holding ourselves morally accountable for our sustainable choices. When you buy from Marai, expect more than clothing, expect a lifestyle, expect a community.


Creating a culture of belonging and an active lifestyle, where everyone is welcome.


Designing with the end goal to challenge the status quo, whilst finding and creating new ways to grow our company and each other.


Being present in the moment and connecting with respect and pure transparency with our community.


Delivering the very best in everything we do, whilst holding ourselves accountable for our
end results.


Developing a consistent narrative between our community and our design, creating a live project which is consistently evolving

Our Sustainable Promise

Marai have set out multiple pledges to reduce their impact on the environment, Discover Our Sustainable Promise