I recently sat down with Martin Webster, the owner and founder of MARAI to discuss Spring/Summer 25 collections, his design ethos for new product groups and what we can expect from MARAI for the rest of 2024 and beyond.

The last article outlined plans to take MARAI into wholesale, and for SS25, this collection will be ready to show early in the buying season. By now, designs must be nearly finished. What can we expect?

Yes, the collection is nearly there. In fact, we are already starting work on AW25. To walk you through SS25, the concept for MARAI was always to design core products that would transcend seasons. For example, our long sleeve polo will drop only in AW collections, while short sleeves will be exclusive to SS. Our new caps have been a big success, with certain colours carried over each season alongside new seasonal options. Core t-shirts will also offer seasonal colours, and denim will feature new washes. Our Bubble print dropping this April/May will introduce new designs, potentially forming a standalone collection. Each season, we'll introduce 1-2 new design groups, with each design adaptable across all 6 colours, ensuring ongoing freshness alongside a growing core collection.

I've seen a bomber jacket and overshirt from your first collection reintroduced in new fabrics. Do you classify these as core styles?

Absolutely. As we experimented with new fabrics, we found ways to redefine these designs. Going forward, expect more experimentation with fabrics to enhance existing styles, alongside the introduction of seasonal colours.

In design meetings, I've heard you reject items as they weren’t MARAI. Can you explain that?

Certainly. Take knitwear, for example. While it's experiencing a resurgence, we aim to imbue each piece with the MARAI DNA beyond just colour options. Our upcoming knitwear collection for AW25 showcases this ethos, where classic styles are reimagined through a MARAI lens.

You often get asked about a sportswear collection. Why have you not pursued this route?

While it's a popular direction, we feel it's a crowded market. We're focused on staying true to our identity and offering unique pieces that resonate with our brand.

You're introducing denim. Besides branding buttons and back patches, how do you make a pair of jeans ‘MARAI’?

Our denim offering is intended to complement the collection rather than define it. With carefully selected washes and designs, our denim serves as an alternative to our tech pants, creating cohesive outfits within the MARAI aesthetic.

Are you pleased with how things are coming together?

Absolutely. We've only scratched the surface of what MARAI has to offer. With each season, our collection and capabilities expand, and exciting opportunities arise as we forge relationships with factories worldwide.

How has wholesale been for MARAI so far?

We're pleased with the progress. Positive feedback and conversations with retailers are paving the way for exciting partnerships. Stay tuned as we update our website with an updated list of confirmed retailers.

Want To Work With Us?

If there are any buyers who are interested in working with us, get in touch below. We have a showroom above our Stopgate Lane store in Liverpool and we always welcome buyers to come in and have a conversation about the brand or the industry as a whole.