Bubble Logo: A Creative Metaphor

When MARAI began to take shape, the sparks of inspiration ignited during a trade show in Florence, Italy—a pivotal moment for our brand's journey.

We were captivated by the vibrant contrast between the robust Renaissance architecture and the gritty graffiti lining the streets, reminiscent of Italian fashion during the late '90s and early 2000s. This juxtaposition became a focal point, symbolizing the fusion of technical craftsmanship and refined tailoring that defines MARAI's essence. It left an indelible mark, shaping our early marketing endeavors.

From this influence emerged the Bubble Logo, a departure from our usual aesthetic yet seamlessly woven into the fabric of our brand. It started as a simple idea which evolved into a fully-fledged typeface, now an integral part of our design toolkit and a bold extension of our brand identity. Another layer to our narrative lies in how the name MARAI came into fruition. A misspelling of the Japanese word for "future." This happy accident transformed into a powerful metaphor, symbolizing MARAI as not just a name but a beacon guiding us toward our collective future.

Crafted in Portugal, the Bubble T-Shirt represents a departure from our luxurious mercerized tees, offering something that is both familiar and refreshingly different. Made from premium 220gsm cotton, it maintains the impeccable fit our customers know and love. Our caps proudly display the iconic Bubble Tee "M" logo, hinting at the expanding collection to come. This is just one facet of the multifaceted MARAI experience we're excited to unveil in the months ahead.

Amidst the complexity and irony of our branding journey, we found ourselves at a loss for a name for this new creation. In the end, simplicity prevailed, and we affectionately dubbed it the "Bubble Logo".