When buying for Designer Boutique [our old multi-brand store before MARAI] back in 2017/18, every showroom we had meetings at had an overabundance of logo’s/branded pieces everywhere. We desperately went through the rails looking for plain product, as I have mentioned on an occasion or three, this was the start of the inspiration for designing MARAI, as conversations with customers back then led us to believe many shared our desire for cleaner product. Fast forward to now, and what we are seeing and hearing is that this trend of cleaner product is growing and growing fast. Headlines across the fashion press point toward luxury fashion embracing a move back to their heritage; tailoring, stealth wealth and quiet luxury. I have seen similar moves many times in my years in the fashion industry, and once they start, momentum picks up quickly and brands not adapting can easily be left behind. All of this works for MARAI, as clean tailored sportswear inevitably cements its place within the premium market.

My personal belief is this; logos work well for some brands and will always be around, the iconic Prada metal triangle being one example. It is only when poor, unexceptional product relies upon logos in order to sell, as that lazy approach is over and if a brand wants to survive and excel in the new era we are moving into, they must ultimately move with the times. Nothing lasts forever, but that’s the fashion industry, thank goodness.

July 06, 2023 — Martin Webster

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