The Team

Martin Webster - Director

+ 35 Years of Industry Experience + Buying director for a multi-brand store + Created and developed the idea of Marai over the process of the last 4 years + Through 35 years of owning & running various business’s.

Louis Webster - Creative Director

+ Marketing Director for a multi-brand store + 8 years of buying experience for a multi-brand store + Specialises in Branding, Marketing and Content + Creation through use of Adobe software + Experienced in content creation and Marketing.

Elliott O'Connor - OCO Group

+ 10+ years’ experience in accounts and finance + Managed teams and projects across the industry in different aspects + Qualified to level 6 – degree level + 3 months till completion in Oxford degree in applied accounting.

Chris Mason - Retail Manager

+ Worked in Retail for over 15 years pushing Sales and Managing Stores + 8 Years of experience in Visual Merchandising + 2 years’ experience being part of the buying team for an independent store + Leading Salesman for multiple firms.

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