Studio Edit 1

Our studio edit 1 brings with it some of our newest best sellers, the introduction of our Nylon windbreakers in both collared and hooded versions. Not only the new silhouettes, but our studio edit also highlights our new well received ‘turbulence’ colourway.

The newest turbulence colourway will return in a variety of future pieces, for example our premium mercerised printed t-shirts will feature the turbulence colourway in an up-and-coming new design which will be teased via the Instagram shortly, to keep up to date with all releases and news make sure to sign up to the MARAI newsletter here.

When we were curating the styles for MARAI’s studio edit 1 we wanted layering to play a key part in the looks. Going forward we will ensure that all our garments and silhouettes not only integrate and blend via the colour palette, but also through the general form and functionality, embodying our ethos for a wardrobe that not only never goes out of style but also works with every new addition.

Our Sustainable Promise

Learn more about our Sustainable Promise below and learn how Marai is taking steps to becoming more sustainable.