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MARAI x Block P Pop-Up Event

In partnership with the BlockP, the team here at MARAI have organised an event to bring a blend of fashion cultures to not only our community but our
Liverpool flagship store. On Saturday the 19th March, in theMetquarter; MARAI will be hosting an event showcasing our best-selling products with the hope of giving the people of Liverpool the tools to fuel their desire to stay ahead of the curve on contemporary fashion.

The collaboration with the BlockP will allow our brand to be shown in its desired form, paired with the all-time classic silhouette the Air Max 95. With a place firmly engraved in the heart and identity of the scouse people the 95 or colloquially 110, is a staple on the streets of Liverpool. Conceived by Sergio Lozano, a key part of Nike’s ACG sector in the 90’s the air max 95 was crafted for the everyday runner, built for pounding the pavement day after day. With inspiration from the human anatomy, a spine insole and a lacing mechanism inspired by ribs the 95 was an immediate hit popular with runners and streetwear enthusiasts alike. Similarly, MARAI has created a brand centred around smart fabrications and creating silhouettes ergonomically suited for the night-time aesthetic while still maintaining a versatile and useful feel. What we hope to offer with our collaboration is a chance to experience the fashion
culture that we here at MARAI believe blends so effortlessly.

The event will be located in the Metquarter, a hub for fashion In Liverpool with several fashion brands calling it their home and an ever-growing volume of interested customers flowing through the area. With huge upgrades to the social aspect of shopping, with the GPO offering quick yet quality food and a coffee shop that trumps all competition with an authentic Italian coffee
experience, shopping local never felt more luxurious.

All in all, the event will certainly be one to look out for,
with complimentary food and drinks, a local DJ Grace McNally and a chance to
meet all the staff and sample the clothing that has been taking the Liverpool
fashion scene by storm.

Live Performances By

Ellis Murphy

Acoustic Singer

Grace McNally