Georgian Quarter

Our “Georgian Quarter” brings us into the final quarter of the year, a time for layering and creating healthy habits. We return to our protagonist Alex, accompanied by a Lofi Hip-Hop beat he begins his day in his light grey mercerised engine t-shirt, with a fresh filtered coffee, before writing his daily affirmations.

Georgian Quarter

Discover the day in the life of Alex


Following on we see Alex get ready for his morning jog, wearing our upcoming release the interlock pack. In our black quarter zip hoodie, the black hooded windbreaker and the new interlock pants, Alex’s morning jog is not only comfortable, but he feels ready for the day.

The next time we see Alex he is wearing our turbulence hooded windbreaker, paired with the black nylon collared jacket, enjoying a fresh latte taking in the 18th century architecture in the Georgian quarter. The weather takes a turn for the worse, but Alex is prepared, he knows his cargo pants are the perfect fit for any occasion in any circumstances.

In the afternoon we see Alex enter Ropes and Twines, the speciality coffee shop and wine bar where Alex enjoys an iced lemon cocktail, he can be seen blending our new upcoming interlock quarter zip with our core collection technical nylon bomber, which is available to shop here.

The final place we see our protagonist is entering a club, ready to enjoy live music coupled with a Jack Daniels and Coke, the video closes with Alex in one of our best-selling pieces the black piqué polo, being worn with the technical nylon plain trouser, ready for whatever the night may bring.