City Story

Our “City Story” follows Alex the protagonist of the Marai story. With the backing of coffee shop jazz, the video begins with Alex going throughout his day, riding his bike whilst taking in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery, truly epitomising the ‘carpe diem’ lifestyle.

City Story

Discover the story of Alex through our City Story Campaign


Starting the day with a fresh cup of ground coffee, Alex reads the latest copy of Bido Lito, catching up on the local thriving creative community, before taking a bike ride through one of Europe’s oldest Chinese communities. A quick change of outfit and Alex is ready for a browse of the stores before heading off to work keeping the clean, professional, and comfortable outfits at the forefront, ready for anything in MARAI.

Throughout the City Story Alex’s outfits change, from technical nylon bomber jackets to technical contrast hoodies, MARAI provides Alex with the option of formality and casual garments, by having both options he can be prepared for everything whilst having the option to wear both and layer the pieces in perfect harmony.

Along with the jackets there are multiple options on show for our mercerised printed cotton t-shirts, which are perfectly accompanied with our plain technical pant along with our best-selling cargo pant. For more information on all of Alex’s looks throughout the City Story campaign, scroll down, and shop the collection here.