Through the process of 35 years, Marai is emblematic of its surroundings. Established through a process of lifestyle, fabric, and functionality study. Marai sets out to examine the modern-day sports luxe aesthetic whilst capturing the true essence of innovation within its DNA.

Rooted in ergonomic design, Marai’s italophilia DNA allows it to redefine transitional clothing. Providing a collection of daytime and evening wear, the minimalist design in conjunction with sophisticated fabric choices brings the upper echelon of fashion back to Liverpool.

At Marai, our distribution will continue to grow as the brand develops. Marai's goal would be to gain an increase in wholesale distribution through building a relationship with a respected agency, in turn this will help create a solid marketing strategy to increase global outreach.

Online Store
Marai seeks out to create the best experience for the consumer as possible, this is what we also aim for through E-Commerce. When looking at our online store we understand it must be easily viewed it must provide the services which reflects our brand ethos, and we must be accountable for our approach to the user service.

Whilst the brand grows so will the team, it is clear that Marai will need to fill gaps within our current team and knowledge. Through growing we allow ourselves to be open to more opportunities, we realise we need to be flexible in growth and grow naturally whilst keeping our core values at the forefront. 

Creating a culture of belonging and an active lifestyle, where everyone is welcome.

Being present in the moment and connecting with respect and pure transparency with our community.

Developing a consistent narrative between our community and our design, creating a live project which is consistently evolving.

Designing with the end goal to challenge the status quo, whilst finding and creating new ways to grow our company and each other.

Delivering the very best in everything we do, whilst holding ourselves accountable for our end results.